Blog Tour: Someone Who Isn’t Me by Danuta Kot

Today is part 2 of the blog tour for Danuta Kot’s Life Ruins and Someone Who Isn’t Me.

The Book:

When everyone hides the truth, who do you turn to?

Becca’s had a hard time of it, but she has finally got her life together. She has a nice little flat, a steady job pulling pints, and she’s even seeing someone new: Andy, who keeps his private life to himself but is always good for a laugh. And then Andy vanishes. When his body turns up on isolated Sunk Island, Becca learns Andy wasn’t just another punter. He was a police officer, deep undercover, investigating a drugs ring that he believed operated out of Becca’s pub.

Staggered by the betrayal, Becca turns to the only person she thinks she can trust: her foster mum, Kay. But Kay has problems of her own. She’s just moved into a short-term let in the hopes of finding some peace and quiet. But peace and quiet are hard to come by on Sunk Island . . .

Before long, both women are drawn into a terrifying world of drugs, money and death.

The Author:

Danuta Kot (who also writes as Danuta Reah and as Carla Banks) grew up with stories. Her Irish mother and her Polish father kept their own cultures alive with traditional tales they shared with their children. For many years, she worked with young people in Yorkshire who were growing up in the aftermath of sudden industrial decline. She uses this background in her books to explore some of the issues that confront modern, urban society: poverty, alienation and social breakdown, using the contexts of the modern crime novel. She now works as a senior education consultant, work that involves travel to establish education and training in other parts of the world. She is a regular academic speaker at conferences and literary festivals and has appeared on radio and television.

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My Thoughts:

I dived straight into this after finishing Life Ruins and it was good to see more of Becca and Kay. I’d thoroughly enjoyed that book but this was the better book for me.

This book is predominantly from the point of view of Becca and Kay, with occasional sections from the point of view of police officers investigating the death of Andy, the undercover police officer that Becca was seeing. I think this helped us get to know those characters, particularly Becca, better than in Life Ruins, where three main POVs were used.

Like Life Ruins, Someone Who Isn’t Me takes place in the underbelly of life on the Yorkshire coast. There’s a darkness to these stories and I can’t remember the last time I read a book (other than Life Ruins obviously) with a main character like Becca. She has had a difficult life and is a person that many would write off, which clearly the authorities have done with Becca in the past. But her moral compass points her in the right direction and she strives to find out what happened to Andy, even at risk to herself.

Yet again, the coast of Yorkshire as a setting is used to great effect. This time it’s Sunk Island where a lot of the action takes place, a lonely, and quite eery sandbank on the estuary of the Humber.

The two plot lines which follow Becca and Kay weave together, bringing us to a tense conclusion. I found it gripping and pretty nervy in places!

This will really appeal to fans of British crime fiction and anyone looking for something with a darker setting. It left me wanting to read more so I’ll be watching out for what comes next!

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