Friday Feature: Books about books

Hello book peeps!

Today’s blog post is all about books that celebrate or examine books and reading.

I picked up Dear Reader by Cathy Rentzenbrink from the library recently after seeing it doing the rounds on bookish social media and realised that I have quite a few books about books in my own collection. So here we are!

So this is the book that inspired this post. I’m only part way through this but the opening paragraphs really grabbed me where the author talks about related to the main character in Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

Its not a huge book and I’m looking forward to finishing it. I also have a fiction book by the author on my TBR.

The author of this book, Andy Miller, began a year of reading the books that he felt he should read, the books he’d always meant to read and the books he sometimes told people he HAD read. He called the list of books he read his “List of Betterment” and recounts his reading experiences in this book.

I haven’t finished this book so I don’t know what conclusions the author reached, but personally, I long ago abandoned the notion of reading what I “should” be reading. And as for books we’d always meant to read….well, that’s what the ever growing TBR is made of, isn’t it??

This book is intended to help us see beyond the basic story of a book and into the meanings that lurk behind them.

I bought this book a while ago to try and plug the gap that I felt I’d missed by not studying literature past GCSE. Maybe one day when the kids have gotten older and I have some of that mythical “spare time”, I might actually go ahead and study literature again.

A fun little bookish list of all the wonderful things about books and reading. I have to be careful not to list the whole contents here but it includes….

  • Impromptu bookmarks
  • Hiding yet more purchases from partners
  • Feeling bereft at having finished a book
  • Feverishly awaiting the next book in a series

I could go on…..its relatable.

I think this is book is actually a really good little gift for the book lover in your life. You know. You.

Just to get it out of the way. This book is pretty. It knows its pretty. I know its pretty. That’s why its mostly been sat looking pretty rather than being read all the way through.

I bought this after reading “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” a few years ago. Its a selection of essays about writing and stories, in particular about books as entertainment, genre fiction and his own influences.

And I mean…..look at this cover.

And finally. I bought this book in a gift shop a few years ago. Its another beautiful cover.

In it, the author talks about her experiences with reading in childhood and revisits some of her favourites. If anyone read my glowing review of Mangan’s fiction debut “Are We Having Fun Yet?” earlier in the month then you’ll know I’m a fan of her writing.

This book has actually inspired me to revisit some of my own childhood and teenage favourites so I’m hoping to mine that experience for a blog post soon!

So that’s my books about books. Do you have any others that really stand out? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Friday Feature: Books about books

  1. Interesting. Over lockdown I did some short free online courses about books (about 3ish weeks each). So instead of reading about books, I was lectured on them! I really enjoyed the courses and learnt quite a bit. I also got to interact with my fellow learners and all in all it was good fun!

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