Netgalley November 2021

So, its the first of November! I’d normally write a wrap up post for November but I’m going to save that for tomorrow. Today, I’m going to have a look at how I did during Netgalley November!

Netgalley November is a great event, hosted by @emandherbooks and @tot_and_tales. There was a dedicated Twitter account (@NetGalleyNov), and organised chat groups for everyone to chat about their progress (or failure to stop clicking the request button as the case may be!)

Let’s have a little look at my stats:

Well, I didn’t manage to get to either me most anticipated or oldest requests since, as per usual, life events took over! The event did make me focus on my Netgalley account however and I caught up on quite a few reviews that I had outstanding. I also had a few non-fiction books as I’d made a few requests for reference books on various house, gardening and creative things, so I got those read and reviewed too.

So, where have I ended up….

I’m so pleased to have gotten over 70%! There were a few blips towards the end of the month, mainly because I got three approvals in three days which moved my ratio down but I got all the reviews submitted that I could and made it back up there!

There are some exciting hints about the future from the #NetgalleyNovember guys so I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for that! The focus on clearing the backlog and the fun from chatting with like-minded book folk has been great – long may it continue!

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