A look forward to 2022…..

Happy New Year folks! I’m going to do a wrap up post on 2021 in a few days but I thought I’d first look forward to the year ahead.

For the love of reading…..

I’m going to approach reading a little differently this year. 2021 was the first year of the blog and the second year of me getting reacquainted with Netgalley after a really long break.

I’ve struggled to find time to devote to the blog, and have certainly been very sporadic with posting. I’m not making any resolutions or promises to change that because it might not happen. As I’m sure I’ve said in previous posts, I have two young kids (1 and 4), I work 30 hours a week and have no family close by, so juggling life, family and work needs take up a lot of my time. I squeeze in reading where I can but have found that blogging to a schedule, whether that be for a tour or to post near a publishing date, can make it seem like a chore rather than something I do for fun and I’d like to change that.

I’m really going to kick back and read more according to my mood this year. I’m going to be a lot more selective in what I request from NG and the amount of blog tours I sign up for so that my own reading doesn’t end up getting buried under other obligations.

Time to #beatthebacklog

This is the only reading “challenge” I’m committing to this year. The brainchild of Lisa at https://twitter.com/owlbesatreading, this challenge aims to tackle those books that we’ve got sitting around on shelves, on trolleys, in piles and in boxes, waiting for us to read them.

I have 116 unread fiction books on my kindle, plus 30 NG books past their publication date. I moved house last year and still have 3 boxes of books, probably around half of which are unread, and a book trolley full of books I want to get to.

My jam packed book trolley

I’d love to get these numbers down!

Oh, and I’ve just remembered my audible catalogue…… 😱

Move away from the “Buy Now” button…..

To get that backlog down, I need to not add to it!

My main problem is the 99p kindle deals. It’s far to easy to see a book, think “oh I’ve heard good things about this” and click “buy”.

I need to rein that in. No buying unless it’s a book I am absolutely DESPERATE to read.

So what’s coming up next?

After perusing my various stashes, there’s a few I’m particularly looking forward to finally reading…..

I do have some 2022 NG books and a tour or two scheduled but #beatthebacklog and generally whatever the heck I want are going to be my main focus this year.

I’m really excited about reading in 2022 and I really think it’s due to me purposefully taking the pressure off and making sure it’s all about the joy of reading.

Hope you all have lovely bookish 2022’s ahead of you!

4 thoughts on “A look forward to 2022…..

  1. I am right with you on this challenge! I wondered about putting a pound in a jar every time I read something from my current stash… obviously to pay for a book shopping spree in 2023!


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