Book Review: One Small Mistake by Dandy Smith

Hello, hello! Time for another review.

I’m a bit late with this one, as the book was published in December last year, and I finished it a while ago. However, with Christmas prep and my husband getting Covid, things have been a bit crazy.

Anyhoo, today I’m sharing my thoughts on One Small Mistake by Dandy Smith, a debut thriller.

Stats: Genre: Thriller Format: e-book (e-ARC) Pages: 420 Published: 1st December 2021

I actually saw the press release on The Bookseller website in May 2021 about this book, back when it was going to be called How Far Will You Go? I was interested so made a note of the author and title and was pleased to see it pop up on Netgalley a while later. I requested a copy and was lucky enough to have my request granted by the publisher.

What’s it all about?

Well, to steal the official synopsis…..

One small mistake. One deadly consequence.

Elodie Fray wants to be more like her perfect sister, Ada, the one her parents are actually proud of. When she decided to quit her job and pursue her dream of becoming an author, she thought it would be her time to shine, but a year on nothing has happened. And she’s getting desperate.

When Elodie makes one small mistake on a drunken night with a friend, things quickly spiral and suddenly everyone believes she has a book deal. Unable to find a way back from her little lie, her perfect dream becomes a perfect nightmare – and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Meanwhile, everything is not as it seems in Ada Archer’s perfect life. When her sister suddenly disappears, she questions everything – from her marriage, to the man who’s been charged with Elodie’s abduction. The papers say it’s him, but the more she digs into her sister’s life the less convinced she is. Ada will do anything to discover the truth, even if it kills her.

No one knows what happened to Elodie Fray, and now her only chance of survival is her sister.

My thoughts…..

I like to mix up my genres but do pick up quite a few mystery/thriller books. Sometimes, I can find them quite forgettable and they can often blend together in my memory. It’s only the really standout ones that I’d recommend. This is definitely of the best I’ve read in a while.

I LOVE a story where things snowball from one little error. You look at the protagonist when they find themselves in an awful or ridiculous situation and think, how on earth did you end up there – what on earth possessed you? But if you look at each step that led to their fate, its often more understandable.

The POV switches in the book between Elodie and her seemingly perfect sister, Adaline. I don’t think you need me to tell you that in life, things are rarely as perfect as outward appearances might portray, and whilst we first see Ada from Elodie’s perspective – thriving, happy….PERFECT, of course things aren’t that simple. Having the story told from the point of view of both sisters means we get to know them each better, and get to know the other through the eyes of her sister. We see how events and people have been interpreted differently by each of them.

The plot is tense, it ticks along at a good pace and really kept me reading.

This is an excellent example of the genre, and truly accomplished for a debut author. This is one that will pop into my head when someone asks for a recommendation and I’ll be looking out for more from Dandy Smith in the future.

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