TV & Film Tuesday – 7th June 2022: Better Call Saul, Inside No 9 and Belfast

Morning! As well as reading, I do love a good TV series or film too so I thought I’d start a regular little post about what I’m watching or have watched recently.

TV – Better Call Saul Season 6

Holy forking shirtballs. We watched the last episode before the mid season break (episode 7) when we got back from Spain last week and….oh….my. I gasped at the end.

We had a false start with this series a few years ago and didn’t get past the first few episodes of the first season. We picked it up again in 2020 and it’s been brilliant. The acting is fabulous and just the characters! Kim and Lalo are my favourite non-BB characters and the development and motivation of Kim is particularly interesting to me. I can’t wait to see how they wrap this up but now we’ve got to wait until July.

TV – Inside No 9 Series 7

I’ve just finished the last episode of this latest series, Wise Owl. As usual, the series has been dark and twisted. Whilst these later series don’t quite have as many episodes that have stood out to me the way that some of the earlier series did, it’s still a must watch for me and I was glad to see the news that there are at least two more series of Pemberton and Shearsmith craziness to come.

Movie – Belfast

I’ve had this on my radar for a little while and had a voucher code for a free movie rental so decided to give this a go.

This a semi-autobiographical film, partly based on Kenneth Branagh’s life as a young boy in Belfast in the late 60’s. The film is shot primarily from the point of view of Buddy, the youngest boy in a family of four. His father, Da, played by Jamie Dornan, works away in London a lot, leaving Ma, played by Catriona Balfe, to raise Buddy and his older brother Will at a time when violence on the streets was on the rise.

The film is told against the backdrop of The Troubles but is not really about that. More, it focuses on the struggles of the family, both in trying decide whether to stay in Belfast or leave for England or further afield, as well as other problems, such as a worsening debt problem.

The supporting cast is great, and includes Judi Dench and Ciaran Hinds, both of whom were nominated for Oscars for their roles. I think Ciaran Hinds is a brilliant actor, and he stands out here.

The film is shot beautifully, moving from colour in the present day footage that frames the film, as well as at one other point, to black and white for the storyline of Buddy and his family. It also had a great soundtrack, predominantly Van Morrison, though the use of Everlasting Love by The Love Affair towards the end has left it stuck in my head for days!

This is almost a quiet film in a lot of ways. Despite the historically significant setting, we predominantly follow the family through their days, getting to know them and growing to care about their struggles. Its not really a film about The Troubles.

Jude Hill as Buddy was fantastic, we see the relationships with his family and his perspective of what was going on around him, with young heartbreak and innocent understanding demonstrated by the young actor.

I really enjoyed it, worth a watch.

Up Next:

We’re hoping to make a start on Stranger Things series 4 this week, and I’d really like to finish Arcane. Not sure we’ll have time to squeeze a movie in as we’ve got a lot planned but let’s see!

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