August 2021 Wrap Up

Wow, August went by in the blink of an eye didn’t it? I got a little more reading done this month than in July however, which I’ll get into below.

So here we are in September. The weather has started to turn colder and summer (what little we had of it) seems to be drawing to a close. I’m definitely a fan of autumn and am looking forward to some snuggly nights with a book, a hot drink and a blanket.

What Have I Read?

Here are my August reads…..

I was part of the blog tour for The Meeting point, the post for that is here:

I also posted a review for The Plot, which can be found here below. This was my Book of the Month.

My ratings were as follows:

5 Stars:

  • Giant Days Vol. 1

4 Stars:

  • The Meeting Point
  • Three’s A Crowd
  • The Plot

3 Stars:

  • The Echo Chamber
  • History

2 Stars:

  • Hot Desk

I was a little disappointed by the last three books, having had higher expectations of how much I’d enjoy them. I don’t tend to post reviews on the blog for books I haven’t loved, mostly due to the fact that I barely have time to blog anyway, but also, I don’t feel like its something I want to put my time and energy into. I always post my honest review on retailer sites however as I think its important for readers to be able to assess all reviews to make a decision on how to spend their money. But my blog and my Twitter feed are for me to celebrate books I’ve loved, and that’s how I want to keep it.

Final update for the Netgalley challenge! I didn’t do so well with this in July, only submitting 4 reviews and requesting a bunch of books. My feedback ratio had gone down from 66% to 63% so pretty much achieving the OPPOSITE of what the challenge set out to do. D’oh.

Well, in August, I managed to submit 12 reviews on NG. Yes, 12! Woo! I’m back up to 67% so overall, I’ve managed to improve by……1%! Hey, its better than a kick in the teeth.

I reviewed 5 books in June, 4 in July and 12 in August so that brings my total to 21. I managed to get to Level Beach Ball which was goal, and I managed to review 2 more books than I set out to so I’m calling that a win despite the slightly pathetic increase in my feedback ratio.

Happy September Reading folks!

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