July 2021 Wrap Up

I feel like I’ve hardly touched the blog in ages but looking back, I’ve taken part in two blog tours during July so that’s not quite true. Maybe it’s because I had ideas for posts that I didn’t quite get around to.

July has felt like a bit of a crazy month, or at least more than usual. I have two small children, 1 and 4 years old and I work 4 days a week. We live quite far from the closest family so things can be really busy as we try to squeeze family stuff, work, general life in before even thinking about hobbies.

What have I read?

So, moving on to books! Here’s what I read in July…..

I didn’t read as much this month but two of these were blog tours; Isn’t It Bromantic and Notes From the Burning Age which can be found on the blog.

I’ve rated all of these 4 stars but Book of the Month was definitely Claire North’s Notes From the Burning Age. The author continues to come up with imaginative and appealing premises for her books and I’ll keep coming back to read them!

And the Netgalley challenge? Well I really would have done better with this if I’d also stopped myself from requesting books, but of course, that hasn’t happened!

I’ve got a few reviews to submit but here are my stats as they stand:

Feedback Ratio: Was 66%, is now 63%. Oh dear!

No of reviews submitted to NG in July: 4

Okay, not going great really!!

I’ve moved up to Sunglasses…..can I make one last push to Beach Ball???

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